lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Farms: a new approach

Hi again people, I've been updating some ideas and concepts to the post-minecraft forge, and refining some ideas. Let's have a look, first, at some of my old designs on farming:

These are the basic designs I shared with you in July, as a compendium of sorts, for a wheat farm, a cactus farm, a sugar cane farm (fully automated), and a mushroom farm (that could be made fully automated, but I prefer semi-automated). I also made an antry for a semi-automated tree farm at the end of august. So now, I present you with the updated version of my tree farm idea and a new version of an old video of mine, the semi-automated food cans factory.

Here we are, the Quarry used to take all trees in an area and not keeping the drilling until reaching bedrock. It needs, as a minimun, a quarry, a builder, the temporary use of a template drawing table, two combustion engines, and the pipes and chests (and blocks) needed to store and distribute the harvested goods. Everything else (the lights, for example) is just some stuff I put to make things easier to manage or faster.
The concept lies around the inhability of the quarry to mine the cables introduced by Eloraam's RedPower mod, and the only "problem" of the video is that I put the quarry too close to the ground. If you use the white-crusted trees, putting the quarry block on the ninth block of elevation should suffice, but if you are using IC2's rubber trees, I'd advice to put it 15 blocks over the surface where you plant them.

Now the second encarnation of my food factory using a wheat farm, I had to encase it because I'm playing with Mo'Creatures and birds seem to be able to mess with the farmland. Sadly, right now the interaction between IC2's machines and BC2's pipe system is a little messed up, and IC2's mod team's priority seems to be the release of a stable SSP and SMP version. This means that extracting the finished product with pipes is out of the question, sadly.

Here we can see the insertion/extraction distribution I've been seeing with my pipe distribution (I'll post the screenshot next): numbers are the spots where stuff goes in, while the letters indicate the order of extraction. Yeah, it's a mess...

Here is the attempt I made to fix the problem, without any success, I'm afraid... (the idea is that if the wooden pipe extracts the wrong item, that item would be reinserted in the right pipeline). Not because the idea was wrong, but because it extracts too quickly and it tries to extract first the item being canned (2A in the previous image), quicker than the machine can process it.

Oh, and as a final reminder, porting IC2 to 1.8 will take about 4-5 weeks, so don't update your minecraft too quickly.

Enjoy the game, and leave comments!

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