lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 10

Will I finally start the damn sorting machine? Will I manage to actually start a quarry? Oh dear, things are getting too.... complicated.

Sorry, got a huge migraine and forgot to link the video with the post. Should be ok now, and as of today I'll air only one movie per day (those 14 pieces of tungsten go only so far, sadly... and Logistic Pipes' apetite for diamonds is ravenous).

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 9

I am sorry, I am having lots of problems to fit each episode in less than 30-35 minutes! I suppose I try to do a lot of stuff at once, and there it is, 40 minutes before I realize it...

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 8

Yesterday I watched the Avengers movie. Pretty standard plot, but Joss Whedon saved the day and turned the movie into something I'm not guilty of watching in the cinema. Only... poor Black Widow...

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 7

Episode seven! We are on sale or what? Oh well... since it seems we are, let's think about expanding the house ^^

Disclaimer: The author is not promising that this episode will feature an expansion of the house or any surrounding terrain at this moment in the series.

sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 6

Here it is, episode six!

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 5

Double Episode! No, that was a joke... I cut Episode 5 in two for your convenience ^^. Be advised, however, that The Nether is not a safe place, so keep your limbs inside the car at all times :)

Part one:

And here is part two:

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 4

Ok, Time to get serious with the production!

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 3

Funny enough, I keep receiving comments from old videos, like the Food Factory and the Automatic Tree Farm... Anyway, I'm staying away from 9x9 houses this time, and while I am at it, I'm realizing I need to go even more back in time and make really big houses...

On a sidenote, I just checked my CAE results. 89% with speaking being my weakest subject (I thought it was going to be writing!) with something in the middle of 75% and 79%. I knew I needed to practice some british accent xD.

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Let's Play season 3, episode 1

Here we get a New Beginning, with my first steps. Yes, I know, the first step should be looking for rubber trees. My mind was wandering through the nether... But I solved that in Episode 2.

Anyway, here is the episode:

I hope to release one video every day, but right now the bottleneck is my Internet connection (I finished recording up to episode 5, but I wasn't able to start uploading the last four until a few hours ago).

Let's play S3: modlist

Well, since we are starting a new season (if I'm completely sincere with you... it's the third "episode one" I start to record!), I better provide a list (with links) to all the mods I will be using.

Let's start, then:

If you are wondering why did I included Chickenbones' Wireless redstone mod instead of the one we have been using all this time, I can only say that it is a more expensive (in materials) version that also adds some interesting options, but more importantly, it is much more in line with Redpower. And I love Redpower.

As for other mods that are absent here, here are the list:

  • ModloaderMP: no longer needed, and even conflicting with the latest versions of Forge.
  • Optifine: besides the vanishing parts of the world (at least, graphically), it gives some trouble with some of the mods.
  • Millénaire: No longer conflicts with Mystcraft, but I am having code issues that crases the game before the game's menu.
  • Computercraft: Not only I didn't use it in the previous let's play despite having it installed, the Control part of Redpower already has a computer (with its own OS) that is a little more to my liking, and I'm not a programmer, thus having a mod devoted to that is a little... wasteful.
  • Mo's Creatures: black screen upon loading, and I'm reticent to tinker anymore with the Minecraft.jar file. Shame we won't be seeing the expanded fauna, but I'll live.
  • Tale of Kingdoms: Abandoned as of Minecraft 1.10, due to the author preparing a new "ToK 2.0"
  • Better than Wolves: even with the Better than Buildcraft "addon", I can't make it run with Forge, so...
This being said, I expect Episode 1 to be released before a day. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all in the the series!

And here are the modified contents of the file:
#Mystcraft Config File
#Tue Apr 24 14:20:50 CEST 2012

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Minecraft 1.2.5 restart!

I apologize for the long delay, since I could have restarted playing a few days ago (my grandfather is now a little better than before the hip surgery, in case you are interested), but I hope it would have been worth it for you all. I will start now preparing a new series of videos with Minecraft 1.2.5 and almost all the usual set of mods, which will be (hopefully) all the usual suspects but Industrialcraft.

Why this? Well, Industrialcraft is in closed beta for Minecraft 1.2.5, but I can play with almost all the other mods using RedPower and Forestry as the placeholder for the IC2 ores (ok, I won't have uranium nearby... I can live with that XD). Anyway, I hope I will have more luck with the mods implementation than I had with my last three attempts, where I managed to crash the game everytime I attacked something in melee (as we saw in my Let's Play season 2) or the 1.2.3 attempt I made a few weeks ago, which had the problem of some stuff disappearing from my storage chests (to be precise, ores, bars, coal, and other valuables...). I'll keep you posted!