lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Minecraft 1.10 Let's Play Episode 9

Lets make ourselves some EE goodies, but before that, we need to move the Quarry! And oh my god, how slowly burns cobblestone the antimatter furnace...

Minecraft 1.10 Let's Play Episode 8

Playing with bees, re-setting the Quarry (there seems to be some bugs in BC3 about finding lava and reaching the bottom of the world). Equivalent Exhcange implemented! And the house keeps growing.

And by the way, to remove the charge you hit the sneak buton + the charge button (shift+V by default).

Minecraft 1.10 Let's Play Episode 7

Adding a Rubber Tree farm, setting things nicely.... and going back into the Nether to find more nasty monsters trying to fry us!

1.10 update mods

Some of the mods around have been updated to Minecraft 1.10, so here you have some links to their pages. Please remember to backup your worlds, and to keep a copy of the minecraft.jar (personally, I keep a copy of all the .minecraft folder).

Note: I am currently updating to Minecraft 1.1 and all the mods (there are teleporting pipes for BC3x! Yay!!!) but the Let's Play will keep version 1.0.

Note 2: working of mods: Leaving aside Better than Wolves, and considering that I use NEI instead of TMI, only Mo's Creatures doesn't work with the other mods. And I spawned in the middle of an endless sea (believe me, I tried to fly around at x10 speed and found no land at all XD).

Having all this mods will mean: 28 Block ID's left, 31430 Item Id's left, and 64 sprite ID's left. And a Minecraft.jar of nearly 5.3 Mb in size...

And by the way, EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE IS OUT! Impressive job, X3n0! :)

Waiting to be updated:
  • Tale of Kingdoms
I'll keep this post updated for the time being, and if you think I left an important one out, please tell me!

Have fun!

domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Minecraft 1.10 Let's Play Episode 6

A whole episode for making a Quarry, a tree farm and some solar-powered engines? Yes...

Portalgun mod V2 for Minecraft 1.10 released

You can check the thread here and download the new mod. Also, remember it has been recoded: some recipes have changed (now instead of using the misterious substance we use an ender pearl, for example), and there are more options in the config file.

I'm updating my Minecraft game, and remember to have backups!

Minecraft 1.10 Let's Play Episode 5

Forestry to the arena! And since I have some Buildcraft Power... The Quarry won't make us wait!

Minecraft 1.10 Let's Play Episode 4

More diamonds! Tons of mats... dull mining... ugh :S

Buildcraft 3.13 update

If, like me, you have notice that your wooden pipes stop working after reloading the game until you update some block near them, you are lucky: Buildcraft 3.13 solves precisely that bug (among others).

You can download Buildcraft 3.13 here (Spacetoad's webpage), and in case you want to see the changelog, here it is a direct quote:
#166 fix wooden/iron pipes input/output slots
Wooden and iron state state was not computed correctly and forgot upon reload, now fixed.
#172 fix NPE in assembly tables
Fixed a null pointer exception when openning an assembly table.
#173 fix builder stopping before end of work
When connected to a path, the builder was sometimes stopping work too early. Now fixed.
#174 enchantements losts in pipes
Enchantements are not lost anymore when transporting items in pipes.
#175 fix laser spawning
Fixed major performance issue in laser spawning.
#176 gate performances problems with signal and redstone
Fixed major performances issues with pipe gates.
#178 iron engines doesn’t support non-bucket items
Iron engine doesn’t replace all inputs by empty buckets anymore.
#177 fix glowstone in blueprints
Glowtone blocks are now required instead of glowstone dust in blueprints.

viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Minecraft 1.10 Let's Play!

For those of you subscribed to my Youtube Channel, you might have noticed I already added the first episode. Right now, I have up to Episode 7, and I will be publishing them one per day until I have only one "buffer" episode or so. These first seven episodes were played without Equivalent Exchange, and that is the reason for my taking so long to reach an advanced development state. Now that I have EE, things will progress quicker! Now, let's hope I won't have Block ID shortage problems... ^^.

Remember that the list of mods I'm using can be foound here

Also, in case you are interested, before adding EE my Minecraft stadistics were:
  • Block ID's left: 26
  • Item ID's left: 31427
  • Sprite ID's left: 63
Now, for the stats after installing EE...
  • Block ID's Left: 21 (so EE takes 5)
  • Item ID's left: 31361 (wow! Nearly 80!)
  • Sprite ID's left: 63 (Impressive! it took none! :) )
And better than that, I had no trouble with any of the already deploeyd blocks!

jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

ACTA: Like SOPA 2.0, but even worse!

It seems like SOPA was nothing but a distraction while the real deal was being signed... Ladies and gentlemen, meet ACTA. With internet providers forced to keep a minimun of a year of your browsing history, and webpages censored at will, this looks like SOPA... but it will affect ALL signing countries. We need to protect the internet, or given enough time even the kitten videos on Youtube will be censored...

These seem to be really interesting times ideed.


Sign against ACTA:

Tale of Kingdoms Season 2: Episode 7 (Triple Episode!)

Yes, you didn't imagine things. A triple episode! Nearly 2 hours of Minecraft... Try not to watch it all at once ^^

Expect a new Let's Play series, this time without Tale of Kingdoms or Millenaire, before the end of the week. Also, as soon as I get my hands on Equivalent Exchange v6 I'll make a review.

Have fun!

domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Tale of Kingdoms Season 2: Episode 5

Episode 6 will be released in about three days or so, but it will be a double episode with some parts sped up (I think x3 will be more than enough) to avoid boring you all too much xD.

On a sidenote, Industrialcraft 2 v1.67 for Minecraft 1.1 seems to be almost ready to be released. I won't update until I finish the Let's Play, however. Also, while the version has not been released, you can see a preview made by Direwolf20 here.

Have fun!

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Megaupload down...

SOPA & PIPA were turned down... and less than 24 hours after that, megaupload and other bunch of sites are taken down by the FBI and other USA "letter soup" agencies. To me, that sounds like bullying, not to mention that Megaupload wasn't based on the USA... Talk about tantrums.

Why I think it's important to face this censorship? I won't talk about how all the money and jobs affected by piracy are bogus (at least in the amounts claimed by the industry and the politicians). Instead I will simply say that modders (working under the "Fair act" rules of not getting any kind of profit from their work of modding parts of comercial games) are afraid of being prosecuted in a "guilty until proven otherwise" policy.

So ask yourselves what would happen if any game from now on would never have any free, non official mod. Imagine Minecraft without Redpower, Buildcraft, Industrialcraft... without Better than Wolves, without the Aether, without Mo's Creatures...
Or imagine more of Bethesda's games (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout...), Bioware's (Neverwinter Nights, KotOR...), or Valve's (Half Life... that gave birth to Counter Strike, for example) without mods. Imagine how any game you currently have without any mod whatsoever, aside from some DLC crafted only to get more money from a dehydrated lone man in the middle of the desert desperate enough to pay for some drops of hot water...

Depressing? That is what a world without liberty means. Bad things for everybody. Save for those few who control the water.

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Tale of Kingdoms Season 2: Episode 4

There, two episodes... and I think I managed to make a decent job in the time compression of the second video. Sadly, I still have to dominate a little the audio parts of the program I'm using, but it's not that terrible to choose one of the Youtube's recommended songs ^^


martes, 17 de enero de 2012

More on Ender Chests: Moving Liquids

I made this video on how to make a liquid teleportation system. It a simple proof of concept (it is easy to imagine how to set it up for several kind of liquids) using Ender Chests until the Teleportation Pipes comes around to Buildcraft 3.X.

Have fun!

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Tale of Kingdoms Season 2: Episode 3

Here you have episode 3. Episode 4, in two days, will be a dual episode of 70 minutes (but thanks to compressing the farming of monsters, it ends being one episode of 35 minutes and another of 11), and Episode 5 will have the Reficul Attack (I'm still finishing that episode, by the way) against the guild.

On a sidenote, it seems like the Blaze farm doesn't work at all (the blazing rods I had farmed came for personally slaying the monsters one way or the other) because in hours not a single rod was dropped. So I might end making one of the farms like the one described in this video.

And I will be watching the BBS series Sherlock, which after watching the first episode on TV I found interesting enough to download and store. That, and I might slow down the pace a little since I'm preparing the Cambridge Advance English certificate for March (and if I don't find a job by then, I might prepare the Proficiency for June... oh, well, time will tell xD), so fear not if things seem a little slower.

sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

Tale of Kingdoms Season 2: Episode 2

Things are finally taking shape here! I'm still struggling with the Blazing Rods farm, but things are looking good :)

On a sidenote, while it is really good to have all the recipes ready for production, I'm afraid it can reach a point where it is less practical than having a selected few recipes. The good part, of course, is that we don't need to worry about any kind of sorting system (asides from the grinding of ores, and the smelting of some).

jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Tale of Kingdoms Season 2: Episode 1

And so it begins!

Minecraft 1.1 Released!!!

Yep, less than half an hour from the time I'm writing this, version 1.1 of Minecraft has been released. Remember, the mods will take a while to update, so don't download the game and then complain that you have no mods!

  • Remember to keep a backup of your current setup before downloading the new version.
  • Keep backups of your worlds before applying the new version of the mods.
  • Do not go into the forums and ask for new updates, modders tend to take that the same way parents do with a child asking "how much longer" in a car trip every 20 seconds...

The changelog is (copied from Wikia):
  • Bow Enchantments
  • New Golden Apple recipe (Uses gold nuggets instead of gold blocks)
  • New language translations.
  • Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes
  • Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds
  • Added spawn eggs to creative (the colors of the eggs even look like the mobs)
  • Added world type options (currently only super-flat and default)
  • Removed collision box from ladders
  • Sheep eat grass and regain their wool again
  • Fixed collision box on corner fences
Have fun, and remember, I will keep playing (and recording) the Tale of Kingdoms season 2 with Minecraft 1.0 until the end!

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Tale of Kingdoms Season 2

Ok people, let's have a new edition of the Tale of Kingdoms mod. However, the first three or so episodes will have a lot of other mods in the spotlight. Which mods? Right now, we have the following:

The "usual suspects", namely Industrialcraft 2, Redpower 2, Equivalent Exchange and Buildcraft... 3! Yes, I will be using Buildcraft 3.1 (3.1.1 if it works with everything else, I still have to test that) in order to test the new blueprints and applications of the "striped" pipe (the one that acts like a RP2's deployer, but without a storage). I will also use the Logistic Pipes, and I have a building quite ready to start receiving all that attention. Yep, blueprints for the win! XD
Forestry, in its version for Buildcraft 3.x will also be present, in the company of the Portal Gun mod and Dr Zhark's Mo's Creatures. The crafting guide is there to stay (what can I say, it saves me lots and lots of alt+tab XD), and Rei's Minimap will be there also (mostly because I love the waypoints and the way it shows the surrounding terrain). Railcraft, for now, will remain out, however, at least until I need to expand a lot (and mind you, I had to travel nearly 3.000 blocks in the X axis, and nearly 1000 in the Z axis to find a swamp biome... and the IC2's Rubber Trees).

Without furder ado, I'd like to show you two videos with the presentation of the map and conditions. I suggest you all to watch the first one if you want to see "the neighbourhood", which includes two volcanoes.

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Advanced Machines new stuff (IC2 mod)

Hey, how are you doing? Yesterday I downloaded an updated copy of the Advanced Machines mod for Industrialcraft 2 (the one that adds the equivalent to the induction furnace machine to the macerator, extractor and compressor) and found that there were four new items. Three of them are craftable, and those are "Advanced solar panels".

Now, before you scream "Overpowered!", let me say you something: each one of these new items requires 8 solar panels of the previous echelon, plus a voltage adapter, so in the end you are changing space for adapters (the most powerful panel, the HV Advanced Solar Panel, requires 512 solar panels, and one LV, one MV and one HV adapter to be crafted. And it takes a single block of space and produces 512 EU/s). See the video :)

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

The last episode with Millenaire, mostly because I was more focused into developing my "powerbase" than Millenaire questing and a nasty bug deleted 40% of my cobblestone generator, my main base and 50% of my storage (with stuff). I also decided I wanted to do something new, so the next Let's Play will be about Buildcraft 3.X, Tale of Kingdoms 1.3 (I want to see the latest tier! XD) and hopefully some other stuff.

I decided to drop Railcraft out of the setup (the new blueprints are more than enough! ^^), and PowerCrystal's retirement from modding (and my choice of an alpha BC version) forced me to leave Minefactory (and Power Converters) out too. For now I don't have the teleporting pipes, but I'm looking for a compatible version.

Have fun!

viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Millenaire Let's Play episode 6

Sixth episode of the series, a bug means the seventh will be the last with this map (not having IC2 installed when I started the map is another point to stop with this).

The episode seven will be published in two days, as usual. I will also release a small "start video" of the new map then.

And I hope you got good Christmas Presents ^^

miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Blast doors

I made a remake of an old video on how to make a door with pistons using Redpower (to be specific, you need logic gates, wiring and covering plates). It can also be used to make other contraptions with the same idea (a hidden access), as I used it to make other videos. The pointers to make this kind of stuff are:

  • A repeater connected to an AND gate gives you power after some time (0.4 seconds with a vanilla repeater at max delay), but will lose the power inmediately.
  • A repeater connected to an OR gate gives you power inmediately, but takes some time to lose that power (again, 0.4 seconds with vanilla repeaters).
  • A piston (or a sticky piston) cannot move a powered (or extended) piston, but can move an unpowered one.

Here you can see my previous video, and the other two with the same basis:

Millenaire Let's Play episode 5

Sorry for the delay, I've been out of town since the last video's upload and I totally forgot to place some autouploading videos :(. Here you have the episode 5, and the episode 6 will be out on two days.

Also, as news for the mods, a "bridge mod" to make both Better than Wolves and Buildcraft to work together has been made. You can find the link at Buildcraft's site, or you can go directly here and grab it. The recipes for the engines, tubes and automatic crafting table have changed, but everything else have the same recipe (and everything works the same way). Also, the redstone engines need BTW's energy to work instead of just redstone current.

Happy new year!