martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Let's play S3: modlist

Well, since we are starting a new season (if I'm completely sincere with you... it's the third "episode one" I start to record!), I better provide a list (with links) to all the mods I will be using.

Let's start, then:

If you are wondering why did I included Chickenbones' Wireless redstone mod instead of the one we have been using all this time, I can only say that it is a more expensive (in materials) version that also adds some interesting options, but more importantly, it is much more in line with Redpower. And I love Redpower.

As for other mods that are absent here, here are the list:

  • ModloaderMP: no longer needed, and even conflicting with the latest versions of Forge.
  • Optifine: besides the vanishing parts of the world (at least, graphically), it gives some trouble with some of the mods.
  • Millénaire: No longer conflicts with Mystcraft, but I am having code issues that crases the game before the game's menu.
  • Computercraft: Not only I didn't use it in the previous let's play despite having it installed, the Control part of Redpower already has a computer (with its own OS) that is a little more to my liking, and I'm not a programmer, thus having a mod devoted to that is a little... wasteful.
  • Mo's Creatures: black screen upon loading, and I'm reticent to tinker anymore with the Minecraft.jar file. Shame we won't be seeing the expanded fauna, but I'll live.
  • Tale of Kingdoms: Abandoned as of Minecraft 1.10, due to the author preparing a new "ToK 2.0"
  • Better than Wolves: even with the Better than Buildcraft "addon", I can't make it run with Forge, so...
This being said, I expect Episode 1 to be released before a day. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all in the the series!

And here are the modified contents of the file:
#Mystcraft Config File
#Tue Apr 24 14:20:50 CEST 2012

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