miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

IndustrialCraft 2 released!

And you can download it here! It requires Minecraft Forge 1.0.6, so download that aswell.

However, remember to visit Alblaka's blog, in http://www.industrial-craft.net/

How to install the mod: right now it seems (I cannot promise anything) to work like buildcraft and redpower: ypu download the file, put it in your mods folder, and profit. Alblaka advices to inject the contents of the file inside the minecraft.jar (remember to keep a backup in order to not need to make a clean install from scratch).

I'm curently testing the mod, but this month is quite a busy one for me, so it will be small updates most of the time. Meanwhile, I can tell you that a new suit (a quantum one) has been added, with some more machines (like an induction forge, able to work with two ores at once, and that requires time for warm-up, after which it will burn the items faster and faster), and new cable types. I'll add some data: the gold cables don't seem to transmit current, and there are insulated and uninsulated versions. Oh, and the new cables look a lot like Builcraft pipes, since they no longer use a whole block.

And by the way, a heads up: Industrialcraft2 has block ID conflicts with Better than Wolves. There goes my dream of having them together, at least for now...

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