viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 75

Finally it's here, the last episode of the season, at least for a while. Castle Black is nearly unplayable with 13 FPS at best when recording, and strangely enough almost the same when not. It was a fun project, though, and I enjoyed the complete simplification of the geothermal plant.

Of course, I know I didn't touch several parts of the mods: I barely scratched the surface of Forestry's beekiping or its alternate fuel system (frankly, I prefer to use solar energy), I used Buildcraft's blueprints only once, and thaumcraft was merely exploited. As for Mystcraft, it has a lot of potential, specially since you can set up your base in the main world and then expand to others, but alas I see more potential for that mod in a server, specially with the latest releases and the portals. That, by the way, is something that can be said also from Railcraft, which is a great mod (and I cannot wait to see it with Trains and Zeppelin in my computer), but I feel it would show all its potential in a big server.
Unlike on previous let's play series, Industrialcraft took a second place, being there only for the automated processing system and almost nothing else, while Buildcraft became a silent witness of the time passed: my quarries were not 64x64, but they were close to 50x50.
As for Redpower 2, I never went ahead and used the computer, because I was waiting to be able to install the next version (prerrelease 5b2), something I never came around, mostly because I was waiting for a new version of IDResolver that still has not been released. I suppose I could go ahead and make my own config file, but I hate looking at lines of code.
Strangely enough, the mod I reached "endgame" with was Equivalent Exchange: we reached a point where producing massive amounts of EMC was customary, and we got a quickstart thanks to the two condenser chests and the darkroom generator trick. At the time of closing this episode, besides all the Mk3 collectors and all the other stuff (essentially throwing away diamonds like they were cobblestone), I had more than 10 stacks of Red Matter, plus four fully charged Klein Star Spheres. Way past "creative mode" thanks to the red matter items (and the elemental cutter from Thaumcraft), the portable transmutation tablet and the ender pouches.

Anyway, it has been a fun season, with more things going on than I thought I would, and I expect to release one or two more Minecraft-related videos during the summer, but until october its quite unlikely that I will start another let's play.
For you that have been there since episode one, thanks. I hope you got some tricks and thought of better ones, and that you liked it enough to come back for more in the future.
And remember people, have fun! Because if you don't enjoy what you do, where's the point?

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