viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Long hiatus

Hi all!

   It has been a long time (for internet clocks, at least) since the last post. Anyway, for now it is unlikely that I will keep this going: lately I have been able to find a (more or less) stable job, and when I come back home I tend to find little joy in playing with the computer, specially with Minecraft. Not because of the game, but because I am tired enough to not want to "keep working" (making my own house, automatization of the place, etc...) and, if I want to play a computer game, I tend to go for simple and short ones if possible. Not to mention the gym will open up this monday, so that means, essentially, I have less than 12 free hours between monday and friday, clearly not enough to make a let's play or similar things.

   Anyway, I won't say this is the end of this project: as the title says, it is just an hiatus, and I might go back to it later, but for now that's it.

   Thanks to you all for watching the previous videos, thanks for all the likes, and thanks for your patience. I hope it was at least half as funny for you as it was for me making it, and I'm sorry I didn't got around to make that multi-dimension operation based around of traincraft. I got it all to work with the trains & zeppelin mod, but simply put, I had no free time to play it.

lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

Summer pause

It has been ten days since the last post, so I think I should give some status update:

I've been out of town for a week, and I'm still "landing" back home, also Star Trek Online released Season 6 with the starbases (and I am an officer in two fleets, damn myself XD). That points very badly to my capability of sustaining any streaming, at least for now.

That being said, I'd like to "leak" some of future projects: I will try to make a custom map to show some of the possibilities of the train mods I use (essentially railcraft and steve's carts), adding the possibilities of the Zeppelin and trains mod, not because it adds any new stuff to the game in the core of it, but because I always liked trains (ok, my father never let me play with the train models we had, so its a little a kid's frustration :) ), and the mod adds a lot of other possibilities.

To increase the easiness of distributing this, and since my talent when merging mods is untested thanks to my lazyness, I will be using Direwolf20's let's play (season 4) setup. I will explore the needed avenues to add the trains mod, anyway. We shall see, and the trains mod is not really a priority now, since the main one should be the working of trains!

I will see to try this for September, first with some videos, and finally with the map files, but I make no promises ^^. Also, my next video (a bunch of them, really) is more than likely going to be about Star Trek and the fleet starbases.

viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 75

Finally it's here, the last episode of the season, at least for a while. Castle Black is nearly unplayable with 13 FPS at best when recording, and strangely enough almost the same when not. It was a fun project, though, and I enjoyed the complete simplification of the geothermal plant.

Of course, I know I didn't touch several parts of the mods: I barely scratched the surface of Forestry's beekiping or its alternate fuel system (frankly, I prefer to use solar energy), I used Buildcraft's blueprints only once, and thaumcraft was merely exploited. As for Mystcraft, it has a lot of potential, specially since you can set up your base in the main world and then expand to others, but alas I see more potential for that mod in a server, specially with the latest releases and the portals. That, by the way, is something that can be said also from Railcraft, which is a great mod (and I cannot wait to see it with Trains and Zeppelin in my computer), but I feel it would show all its potential in a big server.
Unlike on previous let's play series, Industrialcraft took a second place, being there only for the automated processing system and almost nothing else, while Buildcraft became a silent witness of the time passed: my quarries were not 64x64, but they were close to 50x50.
As for Redpower 2, I never went ahead and used the computer, because I was waiting to be able to install the next version (prerrelease 5b2), something I never came around, mostly because I was waiting for a new version of IDResolver that still has not been released. I suppose I could go ahead and make my own config file, but I hate looking at lines of code.
Strangely enough, the mod I reached "endgame" with was Equivalent Exchange: we reached a point where producing massive amounts of EMC was customary, and we got a quickstart thanks to the two condenser chests and the darkroom generator trick. At the time of closing this episode, besides all the Mk3 collectors and all the other stuff (essentially throwing away diamonds like they were cobblestone), I had more than 10 stacks of Red Matter, plus four fully charged Klein Star Spheres. Way past "creative mode" thanks to the red matter items (and the elemental cutter from Thaumcraft), the portable transmutation tablet and the ender pouches.

Anyway, it has been a fun season, with more things going on than I thought I would, and I expect to release one or two more Minecraft-related videos during the summer, but until october its quite unlikely that I will start another let's play.
For you that have been there since episode one, thanks. I hope you got some tricks and thought of better ones, and that you liked it enough to come back for more in the future.
And remember people, have fun! Because if you don't enjoy what you do, where's the point?

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 74

Well, here goes more building of the latest parts of the castle. In the next episode - the last- I will be crafting an electrical generator based on my old "geothermal generator" idea, but using some energy collectors and a condenser to produce lava buckets that will be placed on the geothermal generators from IC2. Then it will be just a matter of setting some place with the production systems and wire it all, and we'll be ready!

lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 73

First of all, I'd like to announce that this season is coming to an end: as soon as I finish the "Castle Black" project, it will be done (which I intend to have ready for episode 75).

Second, due to several other reasons and projects, I don't have time to keep the series going, and the next two episodes will go from the usual "episode per day" to "episode each every two days". So, if everything goes according to plan, episode 74 will be released on Wendnesday and 75 will be released on Friday (it is very likely that the last one won't be released at noon, too).

Third, a port of Tale of Kingdoms to Minecraft 1.2.5 has been released here, I don't know how it was published without me noticing it for months, but better late than never, I suppose :S

Finally, episode 73, where we start the rail system and keep building. By the way, remember I am using outdated versions of a lot of mods! So it is very likely that the latest version of Steve's Minecarts will have some sort of extra options to tell the cart assembler to stop moving forward if it needs some materials, or even to go back to get more.

domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 72

Some random ramblings with hopefully helpful stuff... Next episode, we will start for sure the railcraft travelling system!

sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

Minecraft Let's Play season 3, Episode 71

More building, and a realization: the provider pipes, while more convenient than chassi pipes + modules, have the small problem of taking the first item first, so I cannot use them with condensers. Thus, I will have to change it!

My project will be using MK1 chassi pipes (redstone-based) with a provider module (duh! >.<) for small EMC items, and MK2 (Iron-based) with both a provider and an itemsink module for the EMC expensive ones (diamonds and the like). Obviously, there will be a destination for "useless" items: either a furnace or a condenser.