viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Long hiatus

Hi all!

   It has been a long time (for internet clocks, at least) since the last post. Anyway, for now it is unlikely that I will keep this going: lately I have been able to find a (more or less) stable job, and when I come back home I tend to find little joy in playing with the computer, specially with Minecraft. Not because of the game, but because I am tired enough to not want to "keep working" (making my own house, automatization of the place, etc...) and, if I want to play a computer game, I tend to go for simple and short ones if possible. Not to mention the gym will open up this monday, so that means, essentially, I have less than 12 free hours between monday and friday, clearly not enough to make a let's play or similar things.

   Anyway, I won't say this is the end of this project: as the title says, it is just an hiatus, and I might go back to it later, but for now that's it.

   Thanks to you all for watching the previous videos, thanks for all the likes, and thanks for your patience. I hope it was at least half as funny for you as it was for me making it, and I'm sorry I didn't got around to make that multi-dimension operation based around of traincraft. I got it all to work with the trains & zeppelin mod, but simply put, I had no free time to play it.

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